Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Process

Performance appraisal model: step by step

The first step in making this assessment is to understand the measurements as cyclical events. Within a pre-established period, month, quarter, semester, year, etc., HR returns to the process and, little by little, creates a history of the company’s professionals.

Therefore, to structure the management processes, it is necessary to choose a model that, with each application of the surveys, makes the measurement more adequate to extract the information needed to make decisions . The suggestion is the PDCA cycle.


The first step is the planning of the process, which includes both the definition of the analysis and practical issues, schedule, budget, resource allocation, responsible etc. Performance Appraisal Process

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The second is the execution of plans, that is, concrete actions to take what was established off the paper.


The next step is to monitor the progress of activities to ensure compliance with the guidelines and identify errors and successes.

Act or adjust

The last part of the circuit is working to correct mistakes and standardize successes, as well as feeding future plans with information to promote improvements.

The ideal is to reiterate the management steps during the process and between processes. In the first case, there is an attempt to adapt actions as unforeseen events occur. In the second, the lessons learned in one diagnosis are used in the next.

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How to perform an employee performance evaluation?

Now that you know what it is, what the goals are, the importance, the main types of performance analysis, and you also know the main model used in the market, it’s time to understand how this whole process happens in practice — in all the details.

Come on?

Plan and set goals

The beginning includes setting expectations , goals , work, responsibilities and tasks . There are different tools to organize this information and the ideal is to divide the planning into stages.

The simplest methodology is the 5w2h . The acronym is a reference to English language pronouns— What, Why, When, Where, Who, How and How Much .

Based on questions such as “what”, “why”, “when”, “where”, “who”, “how” and “how much”, it is possible to visualize the information clearly and assemble an action plan.

Put clear and concise information

The forms cannot generate double interpretation and must privilege short sentences to clarify questions and answers. The key is to stick to the essentials to answer HR’s questions.

Also remember that Performance Appraisal diagnosis must be practical and objective.

Divide the questions into categories

A good writing practice is to create categories and break down sub-items for the items. To assess the employee’s soft skills , for example, the form can present a series of specific skills, such as teamwork, communication, resilience, attendance and discipline.

This option is very suitable in the case of longer evaluations.

Siga a checklist

The elements vary depending on the type of analysis and the methodology used. However, that doesn’t stop you from creating a checklist with the most common items so that you can orient yourself and write a form. See the step by step:

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Collect the information

This is the time to apply the survey by the evaluators within the established timetable. Everything we brought in the planning and preparation stages of the form will be applied here.

As it is a stage that varies a lot depending on the type of methodology and questionnaires adopted, we won’t go into it that much — even because if you followed the previous steps, you will have the necessary structure and support to collect the right information in a smooth manner.

Make a documentation

Documentation corresponds, in addition to forms and reports, to the work flow, which is important to separate the effort already made from the following steps. The objective is that any qualified professional can proceed with the process, consulting the HR records.

Physical, electronic or hybrid support

The first decision to be taken concerns the employee environment. The more digitized, the easier it will be to visualize and cross-reference information. Thus, it is important that, at least, the process management takes place by software, even if the forms are printed.


Performance Appraisal forms and reports are documents of administrative value because they help with consequence management. Therefore, the archiving must take place in a place that can be easily consulted later, with the transfer to the archive being carried out when the professional leaves the company.

In this sense, HR management software can solve the problem by centralizing information in a single location. The technology makes the entire performance history available to managers whenever necessary.


The steps to document the Performance Appraisal analysis are relatively simple. Initially, the physical or electronic forms must be made available to the evaluators who, after completing the process, submit the reports to HR within the stipulated period.

In turn, HR must update the progress of activities, demand that tasks be carried out, and gather all information. In the end, it will also be up to the department to choose the format and data to be made available to those evaluated.

Calibrate the assessment

It is natural that some assessments contain small mistakes, criteria weight problems and others, especially when applied for the first few times. Therefore, it is essential to submit the reports to a committee to assess the criteria used.

This committee can be composed of other team leaders, depending on their type, or members of the Human Resources team itself. The idea is that people who were not directly involved in the elaboration of the questionnaire and its application have a moment to analyze the results and point out what is not coherent.

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