What Is Learning Management System?


Learning Management Systems (LMS) are platforms that offer organizations the ability to train, teach, manage, and track learners. The information in relation to the content delivered is collected and presented through reports. A good LMS handles all aspects of the learning process. The LMS industry has grown significantly in recent years, as organizations have quickly recognized the benefits and cost effectiveness of online training.

Regardless of the industry, an LMS can serve any business or educational institution that is looking for an efficient training tool. Now we know what an LMS is , why you should use an Learning Management System, and how to evaluate an LMS . Let’s look at learning management systems from a different perspective. What are the types of learning management systems?

In this article we are going to talk about the different LMS systems.

Web-Based LMS Vs LMS With Software Installed

The biggest difference in LMS solutions is between web-based LMS software and installed LMS software. Before, you had to install the first Learning Management System software on your own server. It had to be maintained by your own IT department. It came with large installation and maintenance costs. Which cost you a lot of money.

Modern LMS vendors develop web-based online learning management systems. The price of web-based software is a fraction of the big, clunky installed software. To top it all, LMS vendors maintain the software and continue to develop and improve their LMS software online. There are no big installation costs and the monthly costs are much lower than the installed software.

SaaS / LMS In The Cloud Vs LMS With Server

In web-based software, there are two different views. You can choose a SaaS LMS or you can have the software on your server. If you are going to have it on your server , you will be in full control of the server’s specifications. But you are also responsible for the availability of the network and the security of your server. You have to upload whatever update is available. If you choose an online SaaS LMS , all those responsibilities are with the seller. You can concentrate on creating the online courses.

Free Vs Commercial

If you have a technical talent on your team and are on a tight budget, take a look at the free learning management systems that are available. There are some solutions that you can install and maintain yourself. If you don’t want to install and launch the software yourself, you have to choose a commercial LMS.

Open Source Vs Closed Source

In both web-based and installed software, you have open and closed source learning management systems. Online LMS SaaS software in the cloud is never open source. If you are a fan of open source projects, you don’t have to see that software. Open source gives you freedom, but also responsibilities. If you are a girl or boy who does not want trouble, simply choose in LMS SaaS online.

Employee Training: Key to Creating Value In Service Management

When choosing a service provider, it is vitally important to pay attention to the employee training processes. Here we explain why training is such an important component in creating value in the service management arena. 

The quality of services is the most important factor for customer satisfaction. Research shows that in about 70% of cases, the reasons why customers stop doing business with a company in any industry have nothing to do with the product or operating procedures. It is due to a poor provision of services.

In service management sectors, such as Facility Management, this figure is higher, employee training software is the most important factor for quality of service and, therefore, is one of the most important internal processes that a company can have.

How Employee Training Creates Value For The Service

The service benefits chain is an excellent example to understand the importance of training in the service sector. The service benefit chain proposes a series of elements that link training (quality of internal service) with customer satisfaction (and, therefore, value for the customer) and profitability (value for interested parties).

As shown below, profitability and increased revenue thrive on customer loyalty, and this in turn improves with customer satisfaction, which is influenced by the perceived value of the service. Service value is created by satisfied, engaged, and productive employees, and employee satisfaction is generated by investing, among other things, in education and training.

In This Chain, Two Important Aspects Related To The Creation Of Value In The Management Of Services Stand Out:

Value builds on each other. The service employee must provide a service that the customer must perceive as added value. The importance of knowledge is not so much what is stored inside an employee’s head as what that employee does with the knowledge and how the customer perceives it.


Learning Management System Benefits

At an educational level, an Learning Management System will allow you to acquire knowledge in an easy and fun way, and that would be the main benefit. However, there are some additional advantages that will give you benefits when applying it in your business or company. We name you some. An  enables the retention of information by employees and significantly improves their job performance

An LMS raises user engagement by more than 20%. This undoubtedly creates a much more committed and efficient staff.An Learning Management System is a much cheaper, safer and more efficient way to learn without having to resort to traditional means. An LMS puts at your disposal all kinds of knowledge that you can at the same time share with other users in real time.

An LMS ensures easy learning regardless of the educational level, age, social condition and workplace in which you are working. An LMS is not limited by previously established fixed hours but allows you to learn at your own pace whenever you want and wherever you are.


There are tons of cloud-based learning management systems that you can access. Any of them will give you the education you need, especially at the business level. Here we will name you a few below.


Mindflash is an LMS created to educate third-party contractors, resellers, and agents. With it, you can create courses in a variety of formats and deliver them to students through any device and perform analysis in real time.


With Litmos you can combine virtual, classroom, mobile, social and e-commerce functions to serve internal, external teams or clients. Students can participate in courses, quizzes, and training, led by an instructor through Android and IOS apps.


Docebo is an LMS that allows you to serve employees, external teams and customers. Users can create courses in formats including xAPI, SCORM, and AICC, and students can pose questions to subject matter experts to better understand the knowledge gained.

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